Bez ohledu na to, zda přihlašovaný exponát uspěl u odborné poroty a tím získal ocěnění OBAL ROKU nebo ne, rozhodl se Obalový institut Syba, organizátor soutěže, udělovat CENU SYMPATIE exponátům, jejichž tvůrci využili nové metody, nové přístupy, netradiční až šokové změny či nápady.





      WorldStar Packaging Award

      WorldStar Packaging Award - WorldStar Marketing Award - GOLD

      • WorldStar Packaging Awards je prestižní globální soutěž o nejlepší obaly světa. V této uznávané obalové soutěži oceňují porotci obaly, které ve své kategorii vyčnívají nad ostatní nejen inovací a provedením, ale jsou zde posuzovány také ochrana a uchování obsahu, snadná manipulace, snadné plnění, otevírání a uzavírání, ekonomika výroby, vliv na životní prostředí, adaptace na místní podmínky, prezentace značky.

        Champagne luxury gift wrap

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

        A luxury gift wrap. Company gift – high-end French wine packaged in a unique wrapping that ought to prove the equally high quality level of its manufacturer. The exceptionality of the packaging lies in its unique design which provides a lot of space for the presentation of a great product (wine) and at the same time provides surprisingly high level of safety and stable protection, thanks to ingeniously and sensitively built- in inserts/padding. Harmonious graphic design and the top quality technology of 3D UV coating used (the coating creates an interesting visual and tactile sensation) are in no doubt other elements proving the extraordinary quality of this packaging, a packaging that can dare aspire for very successful commercial use in connection with the sale of high-end wines.


        Kolekce obalů - Schneider Electric

        Mondi Bupak s.r.o.

        Collection of the packages for contactors “F-serie“ for Schneider company Packages for contactors “F-serie“ are oneway and fully secure the protection of the item during transport from the production plant to the customers all over the world – including overseas destinations. Only more-layer corrugated board type „EB“ and „BC“ is used as metariel, but at the same time quality of the material has been chosen with a respect to the weight of the packed products, to the fixation-system ant to the safety factor. Basic concept of the package is outside box FO713 or FO215 + inside fixation elements. Packages are delivered to the customer in a flat shape, before using them each single parts can be easily formed and it is also easy to put the goods inside and fixate them – packages are fully suitable for the customer's requirements about optimalisation of the former package of the contactors „F-series“. By new system an amount of items necessary to pack the product has been reduced – non-ecologic items has been removed entirely = metal clip and plastic insert from polylam. Thanks to this the customer has saved some costs (less items) but the customer orders a bigger amount > lower price, easier logistics and elimination of the plastic and metal parts (they don't have to be bought). Some costs are also saved by the supplier – less items (less setting and waste time), but a greater producing series are produced. From an ecologic poin of view the package is fully recycable a ecologically harmless.


        Mřížka z plochy

        Servisbal OBALY s.r.o.

        The new unique and patented principle of construction of grip for separating the products of cylindrical shape for example bottles, glasses e.c. Compared to principle of construction, technology and holding of usual grid this new model makes the producing and using easer for it is made of one piece of corrugated board. That new construction avoids all of crosswise parts and assembling that means reducing the final costs. There is possible to pack 4 items with 50% of material, 6 items with 43% of material and 9 items with 42% of material comparing to standard grid construction. The grid guarantes easier manipulation and high efektivity of protecting the goods.



        8x0,5l plech na ležato

        Smurfit Kappa Olomouc s.r.o.

        The aim was to give the client an attractive and very practical case for a greater number of half-liter cans of beer, which the customer can simply take the point of sale. Packaging not only has its graphics, but the entire structural design powerful marketing tool. Packaging Kozel Multipack for 8pcs half-liter cans deliver especially unusual cans stored in a horizontal position. Design packaging is thoughtfully designed for easy opening, easy handling and subsequent collection of cans packaging. Easy handling is guaranteed thanks handle with sesame tape on the upper side, relatively small size and reasonably selected number of aluminum cans. With these parameters, this package is ideal for storing in the fridge and is a great choice for a variety of family gatherings, barbecue, by the water, vacation, etc.. After shimming the lock on the bottom, which is part of the box and tear front part and pulling out can, next cans shift spontaneous from the back to the front of the box thanks to the gravity. Thus, we can only collect aluminum cans from the front and we do not need some complex pull from the back of the box. Of course the packaging is fully recyclable, thanks to selected materials and the absence of any plastic parts.


        Promopack pro 2 plechovky Pardál, Budějovický Budvar

        THIMM Packaging

        A small but very effective promotional wrapper is based on a simple design that shows off the graphics on the can. It is ideal for promotional offers, such as this “May Packing” of the Pardál flavoured beer. The cans are fixed in the wrapper using internal flaps and do not need to be glued.

        The exhibit was nominated for the 2013 Jury Chair Prize.


        Univerzální obal pro střešní okna

        UNIPAP a.s.

        The universal cover for car´s sunroofs is designed to replace the previous, expensive and complicated wooden package by fully recyclable and maximum variable solution excluding wooden parts. The assembled part of corrugated included fixing PE foam elements is used for different quantity of transported parts. This property allows variable height of sidewalls, which can be ordered in multiple design or adjust manually as required. An easy adjustment of the shape of PE foam in the production can be he package tailored for different type of sunroof without changing the main structural elements. The matter of course is the possibility of stacking container load up to 500 kg.


        SAB URQUELL 1000 ml

        Vetropack Moravia Glass, a.s.

        Společnost Plzeňský Prazdroj připravila limitovanou edici unikátních jednolitrových lahví u příležitosti 170. narozenin originálního plzeňského ležáku Pilsner Urquell. Unikátní lahev je inspirována tvarem historické lahve Pilsner Urquell. Design navrhnul renomovaný designér Lars Kemper. Konstrukci láhve a výrobní realizaci provedla sklárna VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS, akciová společnost se sídlem v Kyjově.