Bez ohledu na to, zda přihlašovaný exponát uspěl u odborné poroty a tím získal ocěnění OBAL ROKU nebo ne, rozhodl se Obalový institut Syba, organizátor soutěže, udělovat CENU SYMPATIE exponátům, jejichž tvůrci využili nové metody, nové přístupy, netradiční až šokové změny či nápady.





      WorldStar Packaging Award

      WorldStar Packaging Award - WorldStar Marketing Award - GOLD

      • WorldStar Packaging Awards je prestižní globální soutěž o nejlepší obaly světa. V této uznávané obalové soutěži oceňují porotci obaly, které ve své kategorii vyčnívají nad ostatní nejen inovací a provedením, ale jsou zde posuzovány také ochrana a uchování obsahu, snadná manipulace, snadné plnění, otevírání a uzavírání, ekonomika výroby, vliv na životní prostředí, adaptace na místní podmínky, prezentace značky.

        Plastic Kegs EcoDRAFT with double-bag inside

        Cardiff Group NV

        Plastic kegs EcoDRAFT with double-bag system, which separates beverages from a propellant, allows the non-competitive flavour preservation. Their multilayer foil ensures longer shelf life of beverages up to two years. The kegs are made of recyclable polyethylene and its robustness copes to the steel kegs. Kegs Ecodraft are available in two versions.

        1) One-way kegs are intended mainly for export. After use are recycled and save the return transport costs.

        2) Reusable kegs allow easy replacement of the bag for a new one without need of rinsing. They are produced in different volumes for all beverages, especially carbonated and fermented.

        Imar Vandebriel, Geert Standaert
        Imar Vandebriel, Geert Standaert

        Water from the Ice Age – Glass

        David Rybář – Dr. Design

        Fromin Bottle Water from the Ice Age imitates the stacked two ice cubes and

        itsatypical irregular shape explore the possibilities of serial production in the glass industry. To maintain the purest, natural shapes, was designed bottom without pravidlených technical lines, including "kladívkování", which is on the bottle in the shape of water droplets. To label the least projected into the optics of the bottle at the front view, it is printed on a clear material and divided into two parts, which are located on the sides of the bottle. On the neck that has larger diameter to facilitate water supply, it was developed a special transparent cap made of Makrolon.

        David Rybář, Jan Pelej
        David Rybář

        Výrobce: Sklárny Moravia, a. s.


        Gift case for vase – 110th anniversary

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

        The packaging for the vase consists of two parts. The outer packaging has a special assembly, whose top portion corresponds with a visual invitation to celebrate the 110th anniversary, during which the vase was passed on as a gift. The "envelope" style closure is fixed in place by a magnet.

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť
        Milan Chylo COLORBAND

        Serving tray packaging for truffles

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

        Limited edition gift wrapping on pralies.  The goal was to create the perfect presentation of the packaged product. After unpacking becomes a serving tray. The packaging is made of 4 parts.  After completely pulling out of both sleeves each sleeve applied to one side after inserting the tongue into the socket fixation happens every sleeve one foot sideboard. Golden liner is fixed in position several tongues engaging into openings of said spacers. Luxuriously - minimalistic graphic represents the brand well ILLUI on both sleeves as in a closed container, so in "a serving mode". Technology: hot stamping, cutting, gluing, folding.

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

        EuroCLick – new modular crate

        Schoeller Allibert, s.r.o.

        The new modular crate EuroClick® is lighter and yet as strong as the previous series of crates. With an attachable frame Click Booster® the height of the crates can be easily increased and thereby application possibilities can be expanded.

        What is also interesting is the attachable label holder Click Holder® which eliminates the use of additional stickers preventing falling off the label. It can be attached at the front or on the side; and the size can be adjusted. Rounded corners on the crate provide increased strength and smoother direction changes on conveyors. Ergonomic handles made the EuroClick® crate more convenient for users and thereby increased the efficiency and safety. The crates are available in the dimensions of 400x300mm and 600x400mm at different heights.

        Jan van der Hoek
        John Dyer

        Market representative Roman Galuszka – Bob Cerny

        Project manager Pierre Laroche


        Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray

        Sealed Air Food Care

        Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray is a vacuum skin packaging system increasing output by 40% versus standard tray skin with zero skeleton film. Compared to MAP it extends shelf life from 5 to 10 days in retail. The seal protects against juices leaking while easy peel corner gives consumers convenience.

        Kostelecké Uzeniny a.s.

        AUTO-4-in-1 Packaging for SKODA

        ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

        Medium Knocked Down SKODA car body package for plant in India. Designed a special rack, which allows to place 4 cars into one container. Development started with package for two horizontal shells. Today it is already four packages and shells. This leads to a maximum payload with substantive cost reduction.

        Radek Hruška

        Levitating player

        Smurfit Kappa Czech s.r.o.

        Fine high quality audio electronics need high quality packaging. With this request came a customer to us and was focused on a solution with perfect protection because of oversea transportation and of course a sustainable solution which is more and more become a must. It was clear that we will replace polystyrene parts and replace them with monomaterial corrugated board design. We´ve developped onepiece insert which gives allaround protection and buffer zones. In fact the product almost levitates in the centre of the packaging. The manipulation is very intuitive and not only on the manufacturers side, but also during unboxing by the sound connoisseur. The packaging has survived droptests and rapidly decreased carbon footprint by total elimination of all  polystyreneparts.

        Václav Babel

        Shelf Ready Packaging for Olmín blue cheese

        THIMM Packaging

        Olmín Brie is distinguished by its innovative primary packaging, always in the shape of a star. To protect the product safely during transport and for it to be clearly visible at the point of sale in the cooling shelf, it is inserted in a pallet that meets all the demands for shelf-ready packaging. The cheese pieces in the pallet are placed upright so that the front side always catches the customer's attention at first glance. The openings in the pallet serve not only to secure locking of the cheeses, but also as vents for cooling during the entire logistics process and ensure optimum ripening. The pallet is exceptional also in its double-sided printing – the printed inner side of the packaging adds value to the products visually. During transport the pallet is fitted with a brown lid which can be easily removed at the point of sale.


        Shipping packaging with extra uses

        THIMM Packaging

        Packaging for the online e-shop Spokojenypes.cz primarily serves as transportation packaging for transporting the ordered goods. Thanks to the sophisticated design, however, after the contents have been removed, the packaging can be transformed from the original box with flaps to a kennel for a pet. Thus, the packaging is given a second life. Appropriate printed motifs add to the kennel’s attractiveness. The kennel can be folded without gluing.


        Dual packaging of bus set

        Unipap a.s.

        Dual packaging of bus seat set called„Tetris“ Packaging solution „Tetris“ offers comprehensive solution for various types of bus doubleseats. The overall height of particular pallet unit during transportatin of two stacked doubleseats in former package had exceeded dedicated maximal height of commonly used LKW and it requests using lowdeck LKW types. Suggested concept allows efective using out of full range standard LKW inner height with collecting the original number of packages in EUR pallet ground dimension = transportation cost benefitting. The concept is made of wooden supports and triplewall corrugation casing devided in identical halves. This comprises 2 doubleseats packed in one unit. Particularly, one half case to be used in onedoubleseat packaging version if needed. The process of packaging becomes as each doubleseat is firstly singly completed in the halfcase and both halves to be in „tetrisprincipal“ shaped together into transportation unit.

        engineering společnosti Unipap a.s.