Bez ohledu na to, zda přihlašovaný exponát uspěl u odborné poroty a tím získal ocěnění OBAL ROKU nebo ne, rozhodl se Obalový institut Syba, organizátor soutěže, udělovat CENU SYMPATIE exponátům, jejichž tvůrci využili nové metody, nové přístupy, netradiční až šokové změny či nápady.





      WorldStar Packaging Award

      WorldStar Packaging Award - WorldStar Marketing Award - GOLD

      • WorldStar Packaging Awards je prestižní globální soutěž o nejlepší obaly světa. V této uznávané obalové soutěži oceňují porotci obaly, které ve své kategorii vyčnívají nad ostatní nejen inovací a provedením, ale jsou zde posuzovány také ochrana a uchování obsahu, snadná manipulace, snadné plnění, otevírání a uzavírání, ekonomika výroby, vliv na životní prostředí, adaptace na místní podmínky, prezentace značky.

        Darčeková kazeta na BIO čokolády LYRA

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

        Group packaging for 6 pieces of chocolate clearly, through fine golden pictograms, declares the main benefits of the product. The gold foil on natural material acts harmoniously and uniquely assigns the packaged product to the premium segment. The natural brown "look" and the corresponding pictograms are a link element of the group packaging and consumer chocolate packaging. The different types of chocolate are distinguished by a characteristic graphic motif.

        The design of the chocolate wrapper is similar to their coloring, simple and minimalist. Group packaging using a belt with a lock ensures and presents perfectly packaged chocolates.

        Using natural material, minimalist graphics clearly declare pure natural ingredients of exceptional handmade chocolate

        GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť
        Michal Slovák, SweetPro s.r.o.

        Left? Right? Do not worry about it!

        Smurfit Kappa

        The customer came up with a new project how to pack 6 different automotive latches, all of them in Left and Right alternative – that means 12 together. They wanted to put all of them in a plastic KLT box and into some insert. They already had some solution and wanted only our quotation and benchmark us with other suppliers. We refused that and promised to come up with much better solution. We did it – we invented a universal and very simple insert that is easy to manipulate, easy to assemble and all 12 latches fit in. Two of these insert are being put into the KLT and the L and R solution is just thaks to rotating the one and only insert. To put latches into cutouts is very easy and gentle that no foam is damaged during inserting and also the transport. The customer solution neeeded approx. 30secs for its assembling, we need just 4secs (87% of packing time saved). We have won the project.

        Helena Solná

        Primo - Coffee packaging with paper look

        Chemosvit Folie a.s.

        Coffee packaging with paper look

        This type of packaging is original and unique in the food industry, as the packaging features not only paper look, but also paper feel; it is rough on surface, which is an untypical feature for rotogravure printed products. Paper packaging has a striking luxury appearance and with the right distribution of coated and non-coated areas, an embossing effect can be produced. 

        To reach the paper effect, a special, two-component varnish was applied. In standard engraving of rotogravure cylinders, visual effect is nice, but smooth on touch, similarly as all other rotogravure printed packaging. 

        In order to reach a rough surface, it was necessary to use a special method of cylinder engraving. The time of engraving was prolonged four times, and the coating was much thicker than with the solvent-based technology.


        R - R HYBRID

        Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o.

        Transportation cost reduction in packaging re-use concept.

        Products are delivered to customer in high-quality, durable injected trays. Trays are made of PP (polypropylene). Empty trays are collected and mashed to granulate. Raw granulated material is transported to trays producer and used again for new trays injection. There are no additional costs on washing, storage and return transportation.

        The biggest advantage is immediate availability of raw material – granulate. Trays are produced just-in-time and in the required quantity.

        There is markable saving behind R – R trays (Recycle – Reuse) in comparison with concept of „returnable packaging“.

        Packaging loop – Czech Republic – United Kingdom - Sweden.

        Project participants: Tobias Rasmusson, Danny Clark, Renáta Rieger, Ilona Kotyková, Lenka Malínská.


        DIGI – 3D tray

        Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o.

        New approach to construction and packaging testing based on 3D technology.

        3D print fully replaces pilot tool and pilot nest for all types of trays (thermoforming, vacuum molding, injection). 

        3 months development is shorten up to 1 month. New testing nest is available in a few hours after data input.

        The biggest advantage is immediate reaction on design changes and product orientation. The material used for model creation is PLA (biopolymer). PLA has technically minor shrinkage and is ecological – fabricated from recoverable sources (corn plans). 3D printing is operated on czech made 3D printers (DeeGreen, DeeRed) – company Y soft.

        Project participants: Aleš Jakubec, Ondřej Kliment, Renáta Rieger, Ilona Kotyková, Lenka Malínská.

        Na projektu se podíleli: Aleš Jakubec, Ondřej Kliment, Renáta Rieger, Ilona Kotyková, Lenka Malínská.


        AMBROZIA - bottle for honey aperitif

        Ing. Peter Kudláč, APIMED

        During the production of AMBROZIA, we were inspired by the ancient Greece, where it was called sweet drink which symbolizied the immortality of the gods of the famous Olympus.

        The name AMBROZIA is the brand of the first aperitif beverage made of honey. His strength was once again revived in an aperitif drink, which complements the taste of honey with its deliberately selected herbs, spices and citruses.

        The design of bottles and labels is simple, yet monumental. The common feature of all three AMBROZIE species is a garland symbolizing victory. It is the result of the bees effort and the drink makers themselves, while "honey drop" is the name of the product.

        The design of the labels is simple, and the individual types are color-coded and refined by printing technologies that soften the overall impression and add accent to the symbols. We used : golden and relief embossing.

        SKLÁRNY MORAVIA, akciová společnost
        PERGAMEN, s.r.o.

        BREWERY KÁCOV - HUBERTUS – beer – 0,5l

        OTK GROUP, a.s.

        A series of graphic labels (wet glue) made from MATISSET Linen white paper of 80 g/m2 basis weight for 5 kinds of beer has been designed in such a manner that the new labels differ from the original ones and correspond with a new design of brown retro bottles. The labels are printed using a sheet-fed offset with CMYK colors and pantone gold and silver colors that evoke uniqueness and exclusiveness. Every kind of beer has crown caps in different colors. This consumer packaging including labels, crown caps and beer makes a perfectly harmonized whole.

        OTK GROUP, a .s.
        Jiří Zach, Bc. Lukáš Hořejší

        Car glass packaging

        Škoda Auto a.s.

        The main part of the packaging for the rear glass is a shaped cut and a pair of internal corrugated cardboard fixings, which are complemented by foam profiles. Protection of glass is further provided by fixations made of "drawn" material from the mold section and from segments that otherwise would end up as waste material. This whole set is sealed into a plastic bag that ensures compactness and protects against dirt or spillage of splinters in case of glass damage. Suitable handling and ergonomics are made possible by a pair of self-adhesive fasteners. The packaging is versatile for two types of glass. The VW logo is a symbol of the warranty and quality of Škoda Genuine Parts

        OK BOX s.r.o.

        Package for the rear cover

        Škoda Auto a.s.

        Thanks to this packaging, which copy the shape of the part and allows the part to be manipulated and transported in the vertical position, we achieved the triple load effectivity of the transport pallet and the associated cost reduction compared to previously used cubic packaging where the parts were placed horizontally.

        Other advantages are, less time to pack the parts into this packaging and higher protection of the KTL surface treatment - so-called cataphoresis.

        The packaging consists of a casing and two pairs of internal corrugated cardboard fixings. 

        The VW logo is a symbol of the warranty and quality of Skoda Genuine Parts.

        THIMM Packaging Systems k.s.

        Ferdinand – gift multipack


        A great design of the gift multipack of six Ferdinand beer bottles, a mug and a variety of promotional items enables to press out beer bottoms within a large area for printing. This is an entirely unique design where the mug handle is used as a carrying handle of the packaging. The shape of the packaging prevents breakage of this glass integrated handle and at the same time enables stackability. After filling, it is not necessary to stick the packing so its filling and closing is very easy.

        Martin Zich

        Transport packaging for car bumpers „BOOMerang“

        Unipap a.s.

        Packaging kit „BOOMerang“ is made from combination of two different parts of corrugated cardboard. Variation of these two parts allows to use this packaging for more than six different types of car bumpers.

        Cover gives to the quite fragile bumper needed shape support which makes it both the cover and shape holder.

        The „BOOMerang“ is unique as it’s usage variability as the possibility of stacking up without need to use pallets which is easier for manipulation and it saves space in the warehouse.

        In compare with origin packaging this solution brings to our Customer shorter time for assembling, less stock of packaging materials and mainly significant savings of logistic costs.

        engineering společnosti Unipap a.s.