Bez ohledu na to, zda přihlašovaný exponát uspěl u odborné poroty a tím získal ocěnění OBAL ROKU nebo ne, rozhodl se Obalový institut Syba, organizátor soutěže, udělovat CENU SYMPATIE exponátům, jejichž tvůrci využili nové metody, nové přístupy, netradiční až šokové změny či nápady.





      WorldStar Packaging Award

      WorldStar Packaging Award - WorldStar Marketing Award - GOLD

      • WorldStar Packaging Awards je prestižní globální soutěž o nejlepší obaly světa. V této uznávané obalové soutěži oceňují porotci obaly, které ve své kategorii vyčnívají nad ostatní nejen inovací a provedením, ale jsou zde posuzovány také ochrana a uchování obsahu, snadná manipulace, snadné plnění, otevírání a uzavírání, ekonomika výroby, vliv na životní prostředí, adaptace na místní podmínky, prezentace značky.

        Předávání ocenění proběhlo během WorldStar Award Ceremony, který se uskutečnil 15.5.2019 v Praze. Více informací naleznete na stránkách WPO Prague 2019, na WorldStar Packaging Awards a na WorldStar Packaging OrganisationFotogalerii z předávání ocenění naleznete zde

        Small package for high load „Mini HeavyDuty“


        Small and yet very durable folded transporting box designed for smaller heavy goods.

        The Mini HeavyDuty is made of two inseparable containers in two different corrugated cardboard qualities.

        The quality of external and internal container can be variably-modified under the load conditions needed.

        This solution provides an option to precisely design needed loading focusing on weight of transported goods.

        Designed concept involves integrated pallete created by folding lower part of the container.

        There is no need to use any wooden components causing any problems niether with IPPC nor Phytosanitary Certificate requiered for export.

        This packaging is supplied and stored unfolded.

        tým engineeringu společnosti UNIPAP


        Smurfit Kappa

        Exactly like sardines in a can, tightly next to each other – this is how car-gaskets are placed in the smart corrugated insert.

        Previous Packaging was just a foam „comb“ glued on a piece of corrugated . The fixation was insufficient, gaskets twirl and therefore were space consuming.

        We have designed a tray that hides an easy-assembled insert in its bottom. Specifically shaped cut-outs simplify the inserting proces in a way that the operator knows exactly how it should be done in a proper way not to swirl. The arrow on the bottom advices which side to begin from. We can fir 12 gaskets in one tray instead of just 8 in the previous solution – 25% more!

        Angled sidewalls of the tray allow to stack up to 4 layers without falling down and also create space to gran the handle. 

        No plastics, space&money saving, environmentally friendly.

        Jiří Novotný

        Not a drop wasted

        Smurfit Kappa

        I save lives. I´m a box for two 5-litres bags with a dialysis solution. I do everything I can not to break the bag so that all the inner corners and edges are round, not sharp. Please help me to protect the life-giving liquid and do not cut me during opening – we can make it together even without a knife, I promise. Do not care about the tape I´m closed with, you don´t need to touch it. Do you see the tear-tape? Tear it off and the lid opens itself. Take your time, easily take out the bags and give them to those they need them. Perfect, thank you.


        Cardboard Castle

        Smurfit Kappa

        There´s a growing number of the e-tailers that see the package as a marketing tool or even use it to increase customer loyalty. We go an extra mile and we´ve created a CASTLE. The castle inspires kids to explode their creativity and playfulness. Safety way of assembling requires no knife or glue and there´s no risk of injury. The castle towers are shaped thanks to perforations on top flaps which don´t negatively affect the box stacking strength. We´ve rebuilt transport box into a toy – parcel with second life.
        Changing the material from double-wall to triple-wall the customer saves 9% of indirect costs.

        Petr Šlajs

        Combo Fructus

        Schoeller Allibert

        Combo Fructus is the most hygienic foldable container for storaging and transport of vegetable and fruit concentrates on market. Innovative design with absolutely smooth surface keep the container maximal clean and walls tightness protect product, against outside contamination. Each container part can be removed and replaced and that prolong container lifetime. Improved container ergonomy and clear marking on container speed up and simplify safe manipulation. The container is available in 3 dimensions, which are precisely designed in compliance with logistic requirements for road, rail and sea transportation. 

        Combo Fructus is ready for barcode, QR and RFID labeling/tag. Container folding ratio is improved to 73% - that is best result on market.


        Dove 150ml deo/apa

        Moravia Cans

        Dove 150ml Anti-Perspirant Aerosol Can is manufactured by Moravia Cans a.s. in the Czech Republic for Unilever.
        It utilises the D&I process and standard beverage stock to create an aerosol shaped can with serious sustainability credentials.
        This can is so light that it needs to be packed layer wide rather than the traditional bundle format.
        >65% recycled material. 
        40% Pre-Consumer Scrap
        25% Post-Consumer Scrap
        35% Primary Metal/Coil Producer internal Scrap 
        20% Lighter
        20% More Cans per Pallet
        20% Less Trucks & Pallet Movements

        Moravia Cans, Mall+Herlan, Unilever

        Hollandia - yoghurt tray with tear tape

        Mondi Bupak

        This solution was developed according customer's request to have yoghurt tray, which can be after filling, during distribution preparation simply separate to two halves if it is needed - tearing tape usage simply allowed to this separation. This solution allowed to variable tray usage - for 20pcs of cups or for 2x 10 pcs of cups during distribution process - this fact has finally big positive environmental protection impact, bacause of additional packaging material for 10pcs can't be looked for.

        This idea is absolutely new – this solution, with tearing tape application, has not been used before on the Czech market or Germany and Austria market.

        Very important thing is, that usage of tearing tape doesn‘t have influence on behavior of the tray during assembling and gluing process on erecting machine and other important property is that tearing tape usage does not make tray weak during handling after filling.

        Mondi Bupak
        Hollandia Karlovy Vary

        Sony - pallet utilization support item

        Mondi Bupak

        Customer, who produce DVD in exact volumes had the problem during storage and transport in case when the last layer wasn't complete. They weren't able to put more pallets to each other. This problem appeared wery often, so they requested to design some " utilization support item" which should supply original packaging during storage and transport. Base on this request we developed easy folded item from corrugated board,(double wall), which can be used for pallet empty space filling. Thanks this solution which allowed to stacking pallet to each other during storage and transport is economical impact very big. This "utilization support item" was physically tested in laboratory and maximal loading is 746kg. Material for this item is fully recyclable and in connection with utilization improving during storage and transport the positive environmental impact is huge.

        Mondi Bupak
        Sony DADC Europe Limited

        ES Plastic - packaging closing optimization

        Mondi Bupak

        The main purpose of this idea was removing plastic adhesive tape, which was used for top and bottom flaps fixing and removing hygienic issue which was connected with this tape usage. Other point was to choose right type of bottom closing to secure flat surface inside of packaging to avoid finish goods damage during transport. That‘s why we used this type of closing construction for bottom . For top we used type of closing which allowed to close and open packaging many times – it was very appreciated by customer. This packaging can be produced on inline machine as F0201 - thanks to this construction the production efficiency is secured . This solution has following added values for the customer – faster packaging process, customer claims reduction and saving 1440mm of plastic adhesive tape(which was used in the past for the closing top and bottom flaps) on each packaging - which has big economical and anvironmental impact.

        Mondi Bupak
        ES-Plastic GmbH

        Becherovka Original Limited Edition

        Fiala & Šebek - Visual Communications

        The brand’s traditional customers can enjoy a limited collectors’ edition set of four labels. The design focuses on the mystical story of mixing the herbs and partly reveals the unique secret recipe by introducing the selected herbs, one for each label. 

        To help involve consumers into the story, an innovative and unique printing technology is used with hot stamping of two different colours and a special “invisible” technochromatic colour. This reveals the yet-untold part of the magic story after the bottle has been chilled. The label is completed by the use of authentically traditional paper.

        Fiala & Šebek

        Wine label - Rodinne vinarstvi Sedlak


        The symbol of the Sedlák winery is a horse. It belongs to their family line from the past times and is also related to current owners in memories of childhood. The motive of the horse on the label is processed by hot stamping technology with black tape. Thanks to this technology and the use of natural cotton, which is coloured black, the image of the horse protrude directly form the label. The dominant future of the label is the golden sun. A changing surface was achieved, as with the actual sun, using the hot stamping technology method with the combination of two different golden tapes. The name of the winery was emphasized by a tasteful matte silver tape in a hot stamping technology. The label is elegant, dark with the glitter of the sun.

        Tiskárna ETIFLEX
        Studio PERGAMEN, SR

        Wine label - Velka slipka


        The selected cuvée wines produced by a group of winemakers from Velké Bílovice bear the designation Great White Hen and Great Red Hen. Great Hen is a trademark for these top wines. The symbol of hen originated from a local dialect rarity. In South Moravia it is usually used the word “slepice” or “slépka” to call a hen, only in Velké Bílovice they call it “slípka”. The label motive was therefore more than clear. The natural cotton label material is ideal for embossing technology. Embossing, extrusion of the material, is used to highlight the hen. It is partly adorned with a golden foil, using hot stamping technology. Another part of the hen is decorated with a rarely used transparent hot stamping foil. The label suggests the uniqueness of the wine, but also points to the origin of the wine and the strength of the symbol.

        Tiskárna ETIFLEX
        Lukáš Průdek

        Switchle - organic sparkling soft drink

        Colognia press

        Newly launched sparkling soft drink 'Switchle' comes in 3 organic, thirst-quenching, flavor combinations. Switchle is curiously crafted in small batches from only the finest natural ingredients. Each 250ml serving has just 55 calories - is vegetarian, gluten-free and in 100% recyclable cans. 

        The packaging was printed by flexoprint technology, a self-adhesive label made of fasson shrink vinyl.

        Pemberton & Whitefoord

        Revers package


        Reverse shipment package is used to send the goods from the E-shop to the customer and, if necessary, by turning it "inside out" also sending the goods back to the E-shop. The packaging is already pre-printed with the e-shop sending data and is not necessary to fill it out. The packaging is a suitable construction that allows it to be reversed, reducing the possibility of "stealing" the shipment. Additionally, due to the system of adhesive and tear tapes, there is no risk of damage to the packaged goods, as there is no need for any tools or packing materials to unpack or repack.

        Benefits include ecology - both cardboard and re-use of original packaging, marketing - the possibility of duplexing and communication, solution innovation, shortened packaging times, absence of additional adhesive tapes, and clear identification of outbound and incoming shipments due to different reverse design.

        This packaging, respectively, the entire size range was Boxmaker s.r.o. developed for a company that represents luxury clothing brands in the Czech Republic and is preparing the launch of its E-shop. For this reason, we had to show the packaging in Boxmaker Layout.