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Universal returnable packaging of plastic parts for car headlights


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Jiří Tomeš, Packaging Desing & Project Business Partner společnosti ANTALIS

The project brief was to design a universal returnable packaging solution for plastic molded parts of car headlight parts and to ensure that they are not damaged during transport.

The basis of the packaging is a PE foam die cut glued on PROPYwell. The basis of the entire packaging solution is the carrier, on which the molded parts can be easier to deploy and remove again.

The material used for the construction of the carrier was PE foam, which proved during the tests that it does not scratch the surface of the part and allows to design of a sufficiently robust structure necessary to fix the parts and eliminate unwanted displacement of products during transport. The design of the carrier is universal for two types of products, thereby achieving a 100% increase in the packaging capacity and allowing easy and fast manipulation.

The environmental benefit is reusability. Furthermore, the use of PROPYwell with 30% recycled materials. PROPYwell can be fully recycled just like the PE foam used in the construction of the carrier.