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100% eco-friendly packaging solution to maintain a constant temperature during transport


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100% eco-friendly packaging solution for paper-based carton filling to maintain a stable temperature during transport. This eco-friendly refrigerated packaging solution ensures that products remain in the ideal temperature range until they arrive at their destination. It is used in the supply chain as packaging for various food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other products sensitive to temperature changes. It is composed of 3 products: Cardboard box, Paper fixing and insulating layer, and Cooling bags RecyCold™.

The ClimaLiner or WrapPak® Protector paper fixing and the insulating layer are used for wrapping, filling and fixing, interlining and last but not least for thermal insulation. The number of layers required depends on the ambient temperature, the temperature of the product, and the duration of transport. The patented paper bags are coated with polyethylene (PE) and inside each bag is a 100% biodegradable, plant-based cooling gel, making the product suitable for indirect food contact.

The environmental benefit of this system is that all materials used are made from renewable raw materials and are fully recyclable.

The economic benefit is its high flexibility and variability, which, together with laboratory testing, eliminates the use of unsuitable and unnecessarily oversized outer protective packaging.