Competition OBAL ROKU

The Czech National competition OBAL ROKU is designed for Czech and foreign companies that are involved in interesting packaging solutions. The competition aims to highlight and promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the field of packaging on the Czech market and abroad.  It is also an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work of packaging constructionists and designers at an award ceremony.

Title of exhibit:Multilayer PET bottle with oxygen barrier

Applicant:Plastipak Czech Republic


Awarded in the category:

A multi-layer PET bottle of sandwich construction that incorporates a BindOx® barrier layer that reduces gas permeability between two PET layers. After the minor modifications, the existing bottling lines are able to fill these plastic bottles.

A 750 ml bottle has a weight of 50 g.

The bottle is sealed with plastic (modified polypropylene) with a Novatwist 30H60 screw cap with a Saranex barrier layer that greatly suppresses gas permeability. The tests show the permeability corresponding to the aluminum screw cap. Of course there is a tamper evident tear strip indicating the originality of the package.

The goal is not to replace the glass, but to offer an alternative where, on the one hand, packaging for sensitive non-spirits is required, and it is also safe to eliminate shards: concerts, festivals, airlines, picnics, leisure activities. Slovak Society u.Beverages a.s. Introduced a new line of 750 ml and 375 ml bottles in the Central European market to use e-shop as the main distribution channel of these new packaging.

During recycling proces the separation of the closure material from the bottle material by flotation does not cause problems.

Label designer: Mgr. art. Ivan Pavlik