After-judging party

Photogallery from After-judging coctail party 2019

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After-judging party 2019

It is an informal gathering, during the evening of the second evaluation day, intended for the jury, the applicant and friends of packaging contest OBAL ROKU.

The jury will meet on June 18 and 20, 2019 at the SYBA PACKAGING INSTITUTE. At the end of the second judging day, we traditionally organize the Afterparty, which allows applicants, the public and media partners to see all registered packages and a meeting with a professional jury. It also includes an informal announcement of winners

You are very welcome to come to Afterparty (registration required:


                                                 E V A L U A T I O N    S C H E D U L E 

June 18, 2019                         9:00 - 19:00 Evaluation Part I (closed working group)

June 20, 2019                         9:00 - 16:00 Evaluation Part Ii (closed working group) 

June 20, 2019                        18:00 - 21:00 After-judging party (registration required:

                                                        OBALOVY INSTITUT SYBA

                                                        Address: Rubeska 2015/1, Praha 9 - Vysocany


                                                        Dress code: smart casual