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OBAL ROKU is a prestigious and certified competition that annually celebrates the best innovation, creativity and sustainability in the packaging industry. The event provides a platform to showcase the latest trends and technologies, as well as honor those who create cutting-edge packaging with an eye on the environment and society.

OBAL ROKU 2023 competition offers a unique opportunity for companies, designers and manufacturers to showcase their packaging design skills, increase brand awareness and establish new business contacts. The competition is open to entrants from various industries such as food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics and more. The aim of the competition is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the field of packaging that appear on the market. At the same time, there is an opportunity to appreciate the work of packaging constructors and designers at the award ceremony at the Gala Evening of the OBALKO packaging congress.

The competition for the best packaging solutions OBAL ROKU, certified by the global packaging organization World Packaging Organization, is the gateway to the world competition WorldStar Packaging Awards.

We highlight and promote the best packaging ideas, innovations and technologies emerging in the market.

We want to show not only the professional but also the general public the important role of packaging. Especially at this time when one of the global problems is the waste of food and raw materials for its production.

A passion for packaging is part of our DNA. Innovation, innovation, improvement. That's what we love. We promote sustainable and safe packaging production methods that reduce environmental degradation, maintain productivity over time and support the economic viability of the products they protect. And that is the most important function of packaging.

Photo gallery from the awards ceremony

Awards ceremony 2023

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5 reasons to take part


Because it will be seen how great your product packaging is. Winners take pride in the title of COVER and have the right to use that year's logo for their award-winning packaging.

Marketing mix

Because successful packaging is part of successful marketing. After all, what would POS and POP displays be without shelf-ready packaging? Packaging is now part of the marketing mix, without which proper product promotion cannot be done.


Because you get feedback from an independent panel. The commission is divided into two main categories, namely consumer and transport. So there is a certainty that every package will be assessed by an expert in the sector.

A valuable product

Because the value of good quality packaging goes up and so does the value of your product.

Global awards

Because winners can enter the WorldStar Packaging Award, organised by the WorldPackaging Organisation, to win a global award.

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