Competition OBAL ROKU

About the competition

OBAL ROKU is a prestigious and certified competition that annually celebrates the best innovation, creativity and sustainability in the packaging industry. The event provides a platform to showcase the latest trends and technologies, as well as honor those who create cutting-edge packaging with an eye on the environment and society.

OBAL ROKU 2023 competition offers a unique opportunity for companies, designers and manufacturers to showcase their packaging design skills, increase brand awareness and establish new business contacts. The competition is open to entrants from various industries such as food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics and more. The aim of the competition is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the field of packaging that appear on the market. At the same time, there is an opportunity to appreciate the work of packaging constructors and designers at the award ceremony at the Gala Evening of the OBALKO packaging congress.

The competition for the best packaging solutions OBAL ROKU, certified by the global packaging organization World Packaging Organization, is the gateway to the world competition WorldStar Packaging Awards.


Competition schedule

  • 6 March 2023 - opening of applications.
  • 31 July 2023 - closing date for applications.
  • 14 August 2023 - start of staging of the submitted packaging exhibits.
  • 25 August 2023 - last day for delivery of sample packaging exhibit (outside the agreement).
  • Jury - 29, 30 and 31 August 2023. The jury evaluates packaging from the point of view of innovation, product protection, user requirements and environmental impact, as well as in terms of legislation and marketing
  • 31 August 2023 - Informal After Party. For applicants, jury and friends of packaging. The winners of the competition will be informally announced at the After Party.
  • 8. August  .2023 - delivery of documents for the trophies of the awarded exhibits
  • Awards winners and awards - 19 October 2023
  • Promotion of finalists - from the moment of registration until August 2023

Awards ceremony

Trophies and certificates will be presented to representatives of the companies awarded exhibits in the competition at the gala evening of the packaging congress in October 2022. The winners of the gold, silver and bronze of the JURY PRESIDENT AWARD will be announced during the gala evening.

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Organization of the competition

Iva Werbynská: +420 730 173 101,

Categories ot the competition


Entries are broken down by area of ​​use into categories:

Food Beverages GRAFIKA A DESIGN Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Products Cleaning Products and Detergents Electronics and Appliances Automotive Luxury POP&POS Displays Labels Processes and technologies E-commerce Pet food Design Touch Beer Design Touch - can Beer Design Touch - bottle Beer Design Touch - label Other


Terms and Conditions


Evaluation criteria

In the Packaging of the Year competition, submitted packaging is evaluated against several key criteria that reflect various aspects of packaging design, innovation and sustainability.

Here is an overview of the main evaluation criteria:

  1. Degree of innovation: This criterion evaluates originality and creativity in packaging design, including innovative use of materials and technologies. The uniqueness of the idea and the ability to stand out from the competition on the market are evaluated.
  2. Functionality: The practicality of the packaging, its easy handling and usability for the user are evaluated. Ergonomics, safety and user comfort when handling packaging are important.
  3. Technical processing: The criterion includes the quality of the material, the functionality of the exhibit and the production design. The stability, durability and durability of the package are evaluated, as well as the accuracy and quality of the execution.
  4. Design and structural appearance: This criterion evaluates the graphic and/or structural appearance of the package, its visual and aesthetic value. The packaging's ability to reflect the brand's identity and appeal to customers is important.
  5. Logistical question: Stackability, size and shape of the packaging, which affect storage, transport and handling, are evaluated. Furthermore, the packaging's resistance to damage during logistics processes is assessed.
  6. Sustainability: This criterion evaluates the environmental, economic and social responsibility of the packaging. It takes into account the reduction of environmental impact, the promotion of recycling, the rate of recycling and the materials used. Emphasis is placed on minimizing waste, reducing energy consumption and water management during packaging production.

Each of these criteria plays a key role in the evaluation of the packaging submitted for the Packaging of the Year competition. Entrants should take all aspects into account when designing their packaging in order to score as high as possible and have a chance to win the prestigious award.