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    Bez ohledu na to, zda přihlašovaný exponát uspěl u odborné poroty a tím získal ocěnění OBAL ROKU nebo ne, rozhodl se Obalový institut Syba, organizátor soutěže, udělovat Cenu sympatie exponátům, jejichž tvůrci využili nové metody, nové přístupy, netradiční až šokové změny či nápady.



      Save Food

      Syba se připojila k iniciativě World Packaging Organisation a umožnila přihlašovatelům obalů do letošního ročníku soutěže OBAL ROKU přihlásit exponáty i na speciální ocenění Save Food, kde je akcent položen na inovaci materiálu, technologie či provedení obalu tak, aby bylo dosaženo zvýšené ochrany výrobku v potravinovém řetězci od krmiv po finální potravinářské produkty při minimalizaci potřebného obalového materiálu v duchu hesla: "As little as possible, as much as necessary".

        WorldStar Packaging Award

        WorldStar Packaging Award - WorldStar Marketing Award - GOLD

          Composite multi-layer laminate "Fénix"

          ALINVEST Břidličná a.s.

          Kompozitní materiál Fénix triplex složený ze 2 vrstev hliníkové fólie, mezi kterými je technologií bezrozpouštědlového kašírování nalaminována biaxiálně orientovaná polypropylénová (BOPP) folie. Obal je z pohledové strany potisknut metodou hlubotisku a finální vrstvu tvoří z obou stran nanesené laky, sloužící jako ochrana před interakcí balené potraviny a hliníkové fólie. Laky zároveň zajišťují zdravotní nezávadnost materiálu jako celku, současně má výrobek ideální bariérové vlastnosti. Folie je díky své skladbě a tím i mechanickým vlastnostem odolná vůči protržení, rovněž se výborně tvaruje na balících linkách.

          Štěpán Vitásek
          Bedřich Štěcher

          Šárka Zaprianová


          Plastic Kegs EcoDRAFT with double-bag inside

          Cardiff Group NV

          Plastic kegs EcoDRAFT with double-bag system, which separates beverages from a propellant, allows the non-competitive flavour preservation. Their multilayer foil ensures longer shelf life of beverages up to two years. The kegs are made of recyclable polyethylene and its robustness copes to the steel kegs. Kegs Ecodraft are available in two versions.

          1) One-way kegs are intended mainly for export. After use are recycled and save the return transport costs.

          2) Reusable kegs allow easy replacement of the bag for a new one without need of rinsing. They are produced in different volumes for all beverages, especially carbonated and fermented.

          Imar Vandebriel, Geert Standaert
          Imar Vandebriel, Geert Standaert

          Gouda - a packed sliced cheese

          Chemosvit Folie a.s.

          GOUDA a packed sliced cheese Laminate made of transparent flexible films intended for the packaging of sliced cheese into trays. The packaging can be opened easily and reclosed by a soft pressing. The film sticks to the tray safely without the need to use additional binder, e.g. hotmelt. It provides the packed food with an extended shelf life. The packaging is intended for the Dutch market preferring flexo printing. The laminate is composed of PET film and PE film with EVOH coating. It features excellent barriers against water vapour, oxygen and aroma.


          The first K3Ò-H tub with clip over lid

          greiner packaging slušovice, s.r.o.

          The main marketing reason for using the K3Ò-H tub for our customer is differentiation from flood of IML tubs which are currently so typical mainly for margarine. Blended animal-vegetable fats bring clear benefits to consumers – easy spreading due to small content of vegetable fat (this becomes apparent especially in comparison with traditional brick-shaped table butter). To make the whole project successful on market it is necessary to launch a different type of packaging which absolutely differs from both margarine and traditional table butter packaging.

          From the point of view of marketing and design also bottom printing is very important. It offers more space for design on the one hand and allows to meet the increasing legislative demands concerning precise product labeling according to current standards on the other hand. The bar code scanning in supermarkets is also more comfortable, since the bar code is placed on the bottom of K3Ò-H tub. The K3Ò-H tub solution allows graphic designers to keep the impressive design and still communicate through the eye-catching graphics which definitely support the product at the point of sale.

          The material of K3Ò-H tub made by Greiner is polypropylene (PP) and cardboard. Polypropylene, unlike to polystyrene, is suitable for products with a high fat content. PP enables both cold and hot filling. The reduced quantity of plastics enables reduction of carbon footprint (CO2). From environmental point of view, this fact scores for composite packaging. Sustainability is the leading trend of modern times and the use of paper as a renewable natural resource is an unequivocal support of this trend.

          The clip over lid is also made of polypropylene and is provided with a self-adhesive label of the same material. The lid material is colored and this makes the whole package even more attractive. The K3Ò-H tub solution of Greiner respects the customer´s requirement regarding the dimensions which are common across the whole Europe - small Eurotub. It means there are no investments for a new complicated filling line needed. Despite a certain universality, the tub differentiates from products of our competitors.

          greiner packaging slušovice, s.r.o.

          450 ml. HOT FILL/ COLD FILL SQUEEZABLE PET bottle

          Plastipak Czech Republic s.r.o.

          Company Tomata from Slovakia decided to request the company Plastipak with a request to supply a packaging that would permit the filling of tomato ketchup, sauces, mustard,  without adding of preservatives and without adding of artificial colors, and  fillable at high temperature (85 ° C). Plastipak developed a unique and highly innovative packaging solution, and offered for the company Tomata a packaging solutions which consisted of PET bottle which is suitable for hot filling (85°C) and also for cold filling. Uniqueness of the hot fill packaging is that, compared to traditionalhot fill packaging is fully operational, the packaging has no visible reinforcing elements and is also squeezable. Transparency ranks packaging container into a completely different category because the customer sees the color and quality of the  purchased product. The packaging is fully recyclable, unbreakable, and compared to glass incomparably lighter.


          Bottle HOLBA 0,5 l

          PMS Přerov a.s.

          The new bottles, which replaced the original NRW, at first sight they interests with their long neck and a logo embossed in the glass. Their ergonomic shape and overall design highlights the character of brand Holba and clearly apart from the competition. New bottle also has a specific shape of the neck, which during filling minimizes undesirable access of oxygen into the beer. Another significant benefit is the reduction of weight compared to the NRW bottle.

          O-I Sales and Distribution Czech Republic, s.r.o.
          Fiala & Šebek Visual Communications a.s.

          Výrobce: O-I Sales and Distribution ČR s.r.o.


          Steaks in Cryovac® Darfresh® skin packaging

          Sealed Air s.r.o.

          Imagine packaging, which keeps your food safe and fresh for longer and makes it look great too. This is what Cryovac® Darfresh® system does for steaks from Kostelecké Uzeniny, making them stand out on the shelf through high quality, premium look and vertical product presentation. The Darfresh® process uses specially formulated top shrink web which wraps itself firmly but gently around every contour of the product without distorting its shape. The seal integrity protects against vacuum loss keeping the pack easy to open for consumers. High barrier and mechanical resistance translate to extended shelf life and a significant reduction in food waste.

          Kostelecké Uzeniny a.s.