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    Bez ohledu na to, zda přihlašovaný exponát uspěl u odborné poroty a tím získal ocěnění OBAL ROKU nebo ne, rozhodl se Obalový institut Syba, organizátor soutěže, udělovat Cenu sympatie exponátům, jejichž tvůrci využili nové metody, nové přístupy, netradiční až šokové změny či nápady.



      Save Food

      Syba se připojila k iniciativě World Packaging Organisation a umožnila přihlašovatelům obalů do letošního ročníku soutěže OBAL ROKU přihlásit exponáty i na speciální ocenění Save Food, kde je akcent položen na inovaci materiálu, technologie či provedení obalu tak, aby bylo dosaženo zvýšené ochrany výrobku v potravinovém řetězci od krmiv po finální potravinářské produkty při minimalizaci potřebného obalového materiálu v duchu hesla: "As little as possible, as much as necessary".

        WorldStar Packaging Award

        WorldStar Packaging Award - WorldStar Marketing Award - GOLD

        • The tradition of best-of-the-best awards: GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE THE JURY PRESIDENT'S PRIZE continues. This privilege is fully in the competence of Mrs. Jana Zizkova, chairman of the competition OBAL ROKU 2019.

          The nominations were based on the jury's evaluation and are as follows: BB BOX, refreshment for demandings (Unipap a.s.); Wine label - Loczi, Limbach winery (ETIFLEX, s.r.o.); Magnum Optimum 1208 - One for all (Schoeller Allibert Czech Republic s.r.o.); “HOP FIX” - quick fixation for car lights (Unipap a.s.); Sock Education - Children's Edition ofrom Gemtlemen's  socks club of Ponozkovice (DS Smith Packaging Czech Republic).

          The Jury President of the 2019 Award, as well as the Save Food and Sympathy Awards, will be announced on October 24, 2019 at the OBALKO packaging congress.

          K3®-L, simply clever lid

          greiner packaging slušovice s.r.o.

          It is the first ever combined lid that Greiner Packaging International offers. K3®-L can be combined with all available pots and trays, but it is recommended to combine it with the K3® family. In this way we achieve a significant ecological accent of the whole packaging set, which is very in demand especially nowadays. All K3® containers are based on the principle of easy and simple separability of both used materials (paper and plastic). The main mission of the entire K3® packaging family is to reduce plastic and use recycled paper to impart the required strength and decorative packaging characteristics. With the K3® combined packaging, a high standard of safety is always the absolute standard: the protection of the packed product and full functionality when used in bulk on the filling lines.

          K3®-L, however, not only allows mass deployment on filling lines, but also can meet the requirements for smaller series. It is possible to assemble both components of the lid only after filling and applying the universal plastic lid to the basic crucible (before inserting it into the group packaging). Of course there is a high level of decoration, which we achieve by using offset printing technology in our own printer. Opportunity for marketing: K3®-Lid is double-sided printable and thus expands marketing possibilities such as consumer competitions, multiple language versions, today modern personalization.


          ALEDETO OFFSET: the new way of printing flexible packaging!

          ALEDETO, s.r.o.

          Flexible packaging with increasing product fragmentation which lead to short and medium printing runs. ALEDETO's offset printing gives you the flexibility to easily manage product launches, product variations, promotions and special editions more cost efficiently with a low impact on the environment and with no compromise on superb quality. 


          • Rich colour tones
          • Fine text appears clean and crisp with precise registration
          • Rich photographic details and gradients

          Customer benefits

          • Versatility - Easily manage product variations, seasonal editions and retailer promotions<-li>
          • Simplified Supply Chain - Speed and quality control with pre-press, plate making and printing enables faster speed to market
          • More Sustainable- solvent-free inks and fully recyclable printing plates

          Inkjet printing technology for moulded fibre fruit packaging

          Huhtamaki Česká republika, a. s.

          • worldwide unique inkjet printing technology on moulded fibre packaging
          • the uniqueness of the entire system lies in the connection of the printing, the substrate to be printed on and the materials used, which must comply with a variety of regulations

          This printing technology enables:

          • a larger area for printing
          • more details and higher quality printing
          • better colour transfer (inkjet is a non-contact printing method, and therefore it is not limited by the rough surface of the product)
          • intense colours
          • QR and EAN codes printing
          • photorealistic printing (photos)
          • minimum volume of orders
          • greater flexibility during the printing itself of individual types of fruit packs / personification of the packaging (each fruit pack can be printed with a different graphic design)
          Huhtamaki Česká republika, a. s.
          Huhtamaki Česká republika, a. s.

          Gifte-commerce packaging from Gentlemen`s socks club of Ponožkovice

          DS Smith Packaging Czech Republic

          Gentlemen`s socks club of Ponožkovice consider packaging as an important part of the product. Therefore, they need to ensure that the packaging protects its content well, looks good, but also that it is easy to pack and unpack and, last but not least, to be environmentally friendly as much as possible.

          Gift packaging of socks and shorts or for 3 pairs of socks is as well an outer packaging for transport. There is no need to pack it in another protective package, as you can see in case of other gift boxes. The construction was simplified as much as possible to minimize material consumption while maintaining functionality.

          The packaging is easy to assemble and there is adhesive tape applied. It means you do not require any additional material, such as another adhesive tape, foil, etc. Opening of the package is done with help of a perforated tear tape, so the customer-Club member can get in by one move and see the sock and shorts set, respectively. 3 pairs of socks immediately when he tears off the tape.

          The set of shorts and socks is available every third month in the Gentlemen`s socks club of Ponožkovice, ie in June, September and December. Club members can get it in addition to their membership, where the Club sends them one pair of colored socks each month in an envelope directly to their mailbox.

          The packaging is made of fully recyclable corrugated board with E flute in a combination of blue preprint and flexo printing from both side- E-commerce packaging with adhesive tape corresponds to FFP – frustration free packaging.

          PackRight Centre DS Smith Packaging
          Klub pánů z Ponožkovic

          Formula packaging


          The Formula’s packaging was designed to fully correspond with the philosophy of the packaged product – respect for nature and ecology. Because the Formula is delivered disassembled, it was necessary to develop an excellent design, sophisticated down to the smallest detail, that would allow for packaging without any other protective foam sheets or plastic bags.

          All of the Formula’s components are fixed and packaged in a corrugated cardboard insert that is part of the packaging. All parts of the Formula are perfectly protected, and there is no risk of damage during transport.

          The simple but unconventional print perfectly matches the simple and clean product design, highlights the philosophy of the wooden Formula and corresponds with the overall image of the company. 

          Martin Zich

          Skewed insert

          Smurfit Kappa

          To replace plastic fixation of car-door sealing we´ve developed skewed insert. The challenge was the product size and atypical square-pallet usage. The product didn´t fit requested EUR pallet. These obstacles led us to an idea of inserting sealing at an angle. However, a one-piece insert would be difficult to handle, so we designed two identical trays - on one side bevelled and inclined against each other.

          With this solution, we used the space to the maximum and packaged 25% more products in the box. The insert is provided with identification characters for easier orientation. Stacking elements ensure stability during transport.

          Jiří Novotný

          „HOP FIX“, quick fixation for car lights

          Unipap a.s.

          HOP FIX is innovative packaging box with carrying grips and integrated fixation for 2 car lights made of paper corrugation.

          Thanks to progressive construction and flute profile „D“, it allows to deliver flatted box on packing line and afterwards to be shaped-built up. In second your reach the box ready for using.

          Line worker handles with each box with pair of lights and mounts in a car. As a returnable packaging are flatted back to lights vendor. Logistic-cost-wise, it brings further appreciated saves.

          engineering společnosti Unipap a.s.

          Tray for Sensors


          Seemingly a common piece of plastic at first glance nothing excels. But it's just a lot of thought in him.

          • This tray replaces its older type. But instead of 41pcs containing 45pcs. (Box 65% more! = Transport savings)
          • There are not only two trays (41x2 = 82pcs) in the box, but three full and one as a cover (45x3 = 135pcs)
          • Compatibility with automatic production line retained (scan labels and robot head without changes)
          • Compatibility with automatic production line retained (scan labels and robot head without changes)
          • Tray fully meets ESD requirements
          • Fixing the product in the Z-axis is excellent, additional foam is not needed more, it means that contamination from small particles is eliminated
          • better stacking of trays, because weight of product is transmitted not only over the frame, but also over the nest in the tray = big saving cost for external packaging, which may not be so robust
          • Tray is compatible with the R-KLT 4118 and also with a disposable box

          The main goal is to show more smart creation of the tray design even in the Z axis, the emphasis on covering the free space between products with another layer of trays, which brings significant savings in handling and logistics.

          Aleš Jakubec, Michal Kuchař

          Packaging for the part of air conditioning car system

          THIMM THE HIGHPACK GROUP, THIMM Packaging Systems

          The packaging is made of an American box with folded fixation inspired by FEFCO 0422. The packaging is used for sending spare parts according to final customer’s needs.

          The main problem while constructing it was to avoid the deformation of the prone rubber parts of the product.

          The outer box and the inner fixation have functional cut-offs: a handle and a special performed lock which are in the same place and when performed the inner fixation is blocked in the right position against the outer box.

          Other inner fixation cut-offs are designed to be possible to place the spare part easily inside. The fixation shape and place inside the box prevent the goods from the contact of its rubber parts.

          Even when the box is closed the upper flaps are in contact only in place where the product is not prone to be damaged (hard places without rubber). The product cannot fall out of the box even when manipulated inadequately. The box is sent to the customer in flat and then it is folded.

          Filip Novysedlák

          tray port&shell

          Continental Powertrain Czech Republic s.r.o.

          In this blister, great emphasis is placed on accuracy, as it is an automatic handling of both the pieces themselves (2in1) and blisters. Blisters must not be more than 0.5-1 mm in stacking.

          A-PET material is used for this type, as a standard for disposable trays, but in this case, the tray is thicker and the tray is reversible.

          Furthermore, the emphasis is on reducing the cost of transport, reduced by 1/2, as we overrun 2in1. Savings for klt, etc.

          Traytec GmbH (obch.zást. Jiří Kožich)
          Meike Bausch, Traytec GmbH

          Michal Kuchař + obalový tým Trutnov


          Magnum Optimum 1208 - One for all

          Schoeller Allibert Czech Republic s.r.o.

          Magnum Optimum 1208 is a foldable plastic pallet container for a transportation and storage of parts. It offers a larger volume that can be increased by an extensing frames. Compared to its predecessor, it is lighter and stronger, with a record capacity of 750 kg. Smooth walls protect transported products and are easy to clean. Higher folding ratio significantly saves storage space and transport, reduces costs and environmental impact.

          Customized for automation, prepared for labels, or RFID and IoT tags. With its dimensions of 1200x800x960 mm, it is an innovative alternative to existing packaging on the market. Easily replaceable parts reduce repair costs. Handling and folding is very easy. Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene.

          Schoeller Allibert
          Schoeller Allibert

          One tray for 6 customers and 4 types of boxes

          Continental Powertrain Czech Republic s.r.o.

          The universal disposable blister for the new EWP (Electric Water Pump) line allows reading of the DMC code and 3 different positions of spiral housing.

          It was necessary to adapt the external dimension to several different types of customer boxes (KLTs and cartons). The complicated development has been solved by the perforated movable sides of the blister. This technology was used by Traytec for the first time. Thanks to this the problem with different internal dimensions was solved and can be used for 4 different types of boxes for 6 customers. The blister can also be stacked with 180 ° rotation.

          Customer pakaging: Daimler - returnable package, BMW - returnable package, Volvo - returnable package, Valmet - returnable package, Magna Steyr - cardboard package, VS Tech - cardboard package

          Material: A-PET 1.2mm transparent

          Arne Kupschus, Traytec GmbH
          Arne Kupschus, Traytec GmbH

          Ilona Kotyková a tým vývojářů - Continental, Jiří Kožich - Traytec


          Mondi Bupak s.r.o. – Stabilizing component

          Mondi Bupak s.r.o.

          Our customer produces dairy products – „romadúr“ and „syrečky“, which are packed into 1kg boxes each. These products warm themselves up spontaneously, therefore they must be intensively cooled. That is why boxes are put on the palette in a specific way to form free space in the middle, so called „chimney“, which causes an instability during transport.

          Customer`s demand was to project some kind of stabilizing compound, which would reinforce the whole pallet block and prevent boxes from shifting into the middle, but wouldn`t obstruct airway securing proper cooling at the same time. On the basis of this demand a perforated interlay with manually folded part, made from three-layer corrugated board, was developed. This interlay meets all criteria mentioned above. Assemblage, manipulation and final application are very easy.

          This constructional solution also enables to increase amount of transported items per pallet – from original 252 pcs/pal (7 layers with 36pcs each) to current 360pcs/pal (10 layers with 36pcs each), which is nearly 43% of extra items. Economic benefits because of storage- and transport-space saving along with environmental benefits due to fully-recyclable material usage are great.

          Mondi Bupak s.r.o.

          Ceiling POS Brit Premium

          DS Smith Packaging Czech Republic, s.r.o.

          Almost as in a luxury bar – also from this POS banner, pet owners can choose a premium feed brand, and especially a species that fits them perfectly. The information about the composition of the product is clear. Everything important is seen in the salami cut and the customer clearly knows what to find inside.

          When air is flowing, the entire POS moves. It was highly valued by retail in terms of creativity and customer engagement.

          The whole banner just confirms the saying “In simplicity is a beauty”. A clear and easy-to-understand graphic message perfectly matches current trends. Wooden decor graphics refers to the natural origin of the product. The entire design is made of environmentally sustainable material - fully recyclable corrugated cardboard.

          PackRight Centre DS Smith Packaging

          Corrugated fibreboard beer chess set


          Corrugated fibreboard, beer and games - this is a combination that many adults will find attractive. 

          The beer chess set consists of a board and 32 pieces, all made of corrugated fibreboard.

          Each piece can be unique thanks to digital printing. There are no limits to the imagination of designing the pieces. For example, pieces can appear as caricatures of colleagues or with the faces of your family and friends. The piece can also be used as a bottle carrier and its size can be adjusted to any bottle size. The top part of the piece has a special hole in which the bottle is held by the stopper.

          The beer chess is an original game which will be the highlight of any party.

          The fun can begin!


          Transport display for wine

          GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

          A group container for 6 pieces of wine combines the function of a sales display and a transport container. The innovation consists in the construction of a grid directly from the bottom of the packaging, which is not used for this type of packaging and variability when presented in retail. The different degree of "wine detection" - only by tearing off the perforated holes at the label, or by simply tearing off the zipper with the tear strip and the entire top of the box, allows you to choose the optimal presentation or transport mode.

          The grid design fixes the bottles perfectly and folds quickly, resulting in up to 15% savings in packaging time of wine.

          Ladislava Nemčovská, GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť
          Peter Olajoš, Oli, s.r.o. Nitra

          Ing. Karel Průša, VINICOLA, s.r.o., Břeclav


          Stress-free multipack

          Smurfit Kappa

          We´ve improved a best selling beer-multipack so that it can be now opened without stress. Traditional multipack for 8 or 10 beers has been produced unchanged since 90´s. No one has ever thought the packing and opening brings considerable complications and unnecessary stress. The seemingly trivial solution has a brilliant idea – we´ve changed the folding order of the inner flaps and we smartly adjusted them so that the plastic lid is not anymore difficult to be push through.

          Productivity and packing speed increased by 33 %.

          Commonly used B-flute was replaced with an E-flute, bringing customers 50% logistical savings.

          Petr Zavadil

          Sales and carrying case for tools


          The tool case consists of 2 parts: a case with lining and carrying handle.

          The case with the lining is made of one part. The lining inside the case is made to provide a fixture used to anchor 2 pieces of the tool box. The second part of the case is the extendable carrying corrugated fibreboard handle which can be easily extended or retracted. Thanks to the extendable handle, the case is easy to carry about. When the case is stored or transported on a pallet, the handle is retracted inside the case, so it is never an obstacle and stops it getting damage.

          Given the greater weight of the tools, the case is made of a 5-layer corrugated fibreboard, guaranteeing perfect protection of goods during transport. 

          Thanks to the unique construction when an ordinary plastic carrying handle is replaced by corrugated fibreboard, the entire case is 100% recyclable.

          Martin Zich


          VINIFERA, s.r.o.

          The conical bottles closed with an elegant black polycap contain wines that come from Moravia, from the subregion of Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia), the village of Mutěnice. In the southwest direction of Mutěnice in the nearby forest under the Větřák hill there is a natural monument called Nivky za Větřákem. This is a key feature of the Terroir collection since the area is home to the European stonechat, the red-backed shrike and the peacock butterfly, whose pictures decorate the red wine labels. The European mantis or the yellowhammer which are depicted on the white wine labels live under the Větřák hill.

          Label finishing by printing: embossed lacquer.

          Paper type used: cotton extra white.

          Ing. arch. Tomáš Rousek, M.SC., Ing. arch. Veronika Rousek Rabas,
          Ing. Veronika Kučerová

          Wine label - Vinařství Turold

          ETIFLEX, s.r.o.

          The Brief sounded simple. "Hi, my name Is Jan Vlk (eng. John Wolf) and I'm owner of Turold winery". The mission of the idea was to fit the figure and character of the wolf into the packaging design so that the connection between the winemaker and the Turold brand is visible, while the illustration of the wolf does not dominate the brand itself and vice versa. The packaging design primarily aims to raise awareness of the Turold brand, to provide the packaging with the elegance and fresh energy it needs.

          The illustration of the wolf itself was created using the charcoal technique of structured material. In the press, the illustration was applied in combination with the refinement: the drawn wolf expression was pulled through the illustration and the partial varnish over the logotype typography.

          The label design was also complemented by spreading logotype elements along with the open source typography rate.

          Tiskárna ETIFLEX, s.r.o.
          Ondřej Prusák

          Lobkowicz Démon - series of labels

          Fiala & Šebek Visual Communications a.s.

          The challenge was to find a design solution that would convey a “diabolical” beer taste while delivering an attractive impulse for young consumers to identify with the product. A series of ten child-like illustrations of different demons was made in fluorescent colour, which clearly shines under club and disco UV lights. A simple solution with a standard bottle, basic label shape and only three colours, however, making use of an original idea and an effective combination of technology and unexpected execution without any unnecessary further investments.

          Fiala & Šebek Visual Communications a.s.
          Fiala & Šebek Visual Communications a.s.

          Wine label - Loczi, vinárstvo z Limbachu

          ETIFLEX, s.r.o.

          The elegant label of the Slovak winery Loczi refers to the genius loci, the spirit of the village of Limbach, where the winery operates.

          The Loczi logo and the keg-shaped symbolic drawing are made by hot stamping technology in a combination of black and matt gold.

          If you examine the drawing in detail, you will find many motifs that will take you to the Loczi winery in Limbach. From the heart of the winemaker assembled from the berries of the wine the paths follow the imaginary map of the beloved landscape. The roots grow through his body and the surrounding fragments refer to the local forests and vineyards, the Limbach memorial tree, the church tower in Limbach, the steps to the wine cellar and the Slovak double-arm cross.

          Tiskárna ETIFLEX, s.r.o.
          Aleš Sadil, Pidistudio.com

          For him and her

          XEROX CZECH REPUBLIC s.r.o.

          Digital packaging printing offers incredible space for creativity and imagination. Nowadays, many of us are trying to attract customers differently, beat the competition. The packaging is just one of the ways to become a frog or the number one choice for the client. We at Xerox like to push boundaries. The packaging we created for the Reklama-Polygraf exhibition is proof of this.

          Brilliantly sophisticated packaging for her and for miniature gin and whiskey takes full advantage of digital technology. Both sheets are printed in white on the Xerox Iridesse and then the Trotec Speedy 360 laser cuts their graceful bodies to the smallest detail. This creates a funny other and well-drained packaging that can be used with virtually any bottle of anything with a small design modification.


          Etue for pass „WE GO HOME“

          GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť

          Luxury package for VIP Gold pass was made for rock fans of the fotbal club Slovan Bratislava.

          The construction is made of folding cardboard including a removable insert for a season ticket. The packaging is intended for storing the pass as reusable and therefore the closing is solved by a magnet.

          The combination of soft touch lacquer technology and demanding gilding, especially the club emblem with small letters in the negative, deserves attention. The patina effect of the text "Permanent ticket" was achieved by soft touch varnish applied over the gold foil.

          Marián Thurzo, GRAFOBAL, akciová spoločnosť
          Ján Svatík, ŠK Slovan Bratislava futbal, a.s.

          ŠK Slovan Bratislava futbal, a.s.


          Universal glass packaging 5 in 1

          BOXMAKER s.r.o.

          The structural packaging solution ensures the use of one package for packaging several sizes and shapes of glasses, ensuring their necessary protection during transport. The design and materials used also give the package the look of a gift design package. It is therefore an optimal combination of functionality, attractiveness and, by minimizing the number of different sizes of packages, also the financial benefits of packaging glasses produced in small or smaller series.

          Especially thanks to its versatility, this package, unlike many other design packages, can also be used in practice in mass production.

          Thanks to the suitably selected design, it is also possible to combine two identical containers to increase the number of possible combinations of packaged jars up to 5.

          Vývojové oddělení Boxmaker s.r.o.
          Vývojové oddělení Boxmaker s.r.o.

          Série obalů na sekt

          Model Obaly a. s.

          Luxurious packaging of sparkling wine in laminated packaging, which is refined with ColdFoil technology, drip-off matte effect, glossy UV varnish, back side offset printing on N-flute and embossing.

          Grafické štúdio Paul-Murín

          Ivo Toloch


          Sock Education - Children's Edition from Gentlemen`s socks club of Ponožkovice

          DS Smith Packaging Czech Republic

          “How to make that the Czech sock culture battalion will be firmly and proudly hold by a future generations? Only the timely and consistent cultivation of sock cavalry in children's souls will provide certainty.”

          Gentlemen`s socks club of Ponožkovice tries to think about the future and therefore prepared the so-called sock education of small ladies and gentlemen. In addition to the four pairs of children's socks, the series also includes a set of games (puzzles, playing cards, stickers, etc.).

          The package is conceived as a "magic box" into which the entire contents are inserted. The discovery of all components occurs gradually. The packaging consists of a bottom, a lid, an internal block (all blue cardboard with silver print) and a main part (brown corrugated cardboard with black print). The procedure of opening, resp. unpacking the box is described by numbers and guides the child step by step to finally discover the socks themselves.

          Techn: The packaging is made of fully recyclable corrugated board with E flute in a combination of blue preprint and flexo printing.

          PackRight Centre DS Smith Packaging
          Klub pánů z Ponožkovic

          Asombroso by Osmany Laffita

          TOP TISK obaly, s.r.o.

          On the beginning there was an idea to connect the fashion, beauty and cosmetics. Asombroso means amazing in spanish language. 

          Cosmetics series of packaging from the cardboard connect black minimalistic design. In the upper part of the packaging is logo placed on extended flap which smartly helps to differentiate the individual products. 

          The material is GC1 cardboard, the technologies are following: print on the silver foil, called prindor. The graphic elements are UV-varnish and structural varnish.

          Ema Raspopčevová
          Osmany Laffita

          Zpracování grafiky: Martin Dušek


          Fatra 250 ml

          Vetropack Nemšová s.r.o.

          Green glass bottle for mineral water Fatra 250 ml was designed for Horeca segment.

          Glass container - a unique packaging for mineral water that highlights its uniqueness. The bottle silhouette is made up from thousands of crystals. The appearance of this bottle is unmistakable, modern and attractive. The author of the design in cooperation with experts from Slovak glassworks Vetropack Nemšová s.r.o. were inspired by the beauty of Slovak nature in such a way, that this attractive bottle stands out from a range of classic mineral waters.

          Jan Čapek, who had designed the bottle shape, was awarded the Grand Czech Design Award as a designer of the year 2018.

          Ing. Ladislav Špánik - Vetropack Nemšová s.r.o.
          Jan Čapek

          Label - Domovina, borovička

          ETIFLEX, s.r.o.

          Label for Slovak national drink, pine is one of a series of Domovina labels. The premium brand of alcohol bets on traditional national beverages, newly designed, with a sense of design and respect for their native homeland. The label complements perfectly with the complete customized bottle adjustments.

          Technically demanding label production, where three materials are laminated together, creates a self-adhesive label printed on both sides. The reverse side of the label with the Slovak landscape motif is readable through the bottle. The obverse leaves the natural structure of the material in harmony with the fine juniper motif which is the main ingredient of the pine.

          In addition to flexographic printing, hot stamping and screen printing technology is used on the label.

          Tiskárna ETIFLEX, s.r.o.
          DADS advertising, s.r.o.

          50cl Stará žitná myslivecká RESERVE

          O-I Czech Republic, a.s.

          This is a series of bottles 50cl and 70cl. Company O-I, the glassworks of Dubi have been working for years with the Green Tree Painter at the development of bottle design in close contact. Bottle design was developed in direct collaboration between teams of both companies. The final design was preceded by several shape solutions. Bottles are produced in the O-I company, Dubí Glassworks. The Bottle contains all the basic features of the Painter at the Green Tree and the enticing package.

          The wonder of the glass container is that it’s infinitely and completely sustainable.

          Ing. Miroslav Fridrichovský
          Ing. Miroslav Fridrichovský

          Palírna U Zeleného stromu a.s.


          50cl Božkov Republica Exclusive

          O-I Czech Republic, a.s.

          This is a series of bottles 50cl and 70cl, which represent very well and push forward the packaging glass. Bottles are produced in the O-I company, Dubí Glassworks. Bottle Design was developed together with Stock. This is a long-time collaboration with this company in the development of new designs.

          The innovative design of the first Republic bottles is a period of nobleness and elegance, honesty and pride in the craft fortel and um that the Stock is renowned for. Božkov's exclusive republic is a celebration of these first-republican values.

          The wonder of the glass container is that it’s infinitely and completely sustainable.

          Ing. Miroslav Fridrichovský
          STOCK Plzeň – Božkov s.r.o.

          O-I Czech Republic, a.s.


          „BB BOX“, refreshment for demandings

          Unipap a.s.

          BB BOX is inovated concept of packaging, which assure non-humidity clima due to intelligent ventilation in box being as of food storing. The particular box gaps to be precisely positioned for air directions, from bottom to the top of the box through the insert, that balances temperature differencies of inside with outbox conditions. The integrated lid window is free from steaming up.

          Conventional box for this kind is not suitable at all. Using this would harm marketing attraction of customer on convincible content, hand in hand with freschness of fooding. This is appreciated indirectly by customer in trusting this product.

          Ivo Čáslavský - Unipap a.s
          Roman Doležal - Crocodille ČR, spol. s r.o.

          Corrugated cardboard container for bulk goods


          The container structure consists of two parts - the container sheath, for the long-term storage at the dealer, and the spare filling, manufactured from certified THIMM foodWave® corrugated cardboard, designed for the direct contact with food. Hygienic and safe packaging of goods is provided by a seamless structure, minimizing the access of air and contaminants. A tilting mechanism is provided at the lower part of the container, allowing for comfortable picking of goods. The dispensing area is covered with a lid, protecting the goods against contamination.

          Thanks to the two-part structure, the spare filling can be replaced any time, while keeping the sheath the same.

          The containers can safely be stacked one on another thanks to their stackable shape, and the space available to the dealer can be used effectively.

          Vladimír Bryscejn

          Steak from Maso Uzeniny Policka packed in CRYOVAC® Darfresh® Reduced Scrap system with mono PET bottom film

          Sealed Air s.r.o.

          Maturated premium quality beef steak with Czech origin packed in patented system CRYOVAC® Darfresh® - Reduced Scrap, developed in cooperation with company ULMA. System provides premium pack presentation with possible vertical display with no drip. It preserves product shape and has Easy opening.

          System improves taste and tenderness thanks to protein’s maturation in the pack. It provides very high shelf life and product protection, which helps to food waste reduction. With its compact shape reduces logistic cost, warehouse and material scrap volume.

          Patented vacuum system through bottom tool increases packaging speed and decreases film scrap volume by 40%. System provides 31% bottom film thickness reduction vs previous Tray Skin pack.

          Bottom film is fully recyclable from mono PET material and contains 92% post consumer recycled rPET. 

          Maso Uzeniny Polička a.s., Sealed Air s.r.o.

          Recyclable film

          Chemosvit Folie a.s.

          The package for Italian roasted hazelnuts has been made for years by laminating materials: OPP matt + metallized polyester + LLDPE film. We have developed a new package structure for the customer in which we replaced the metallic polyester by white film and the LLDPE film is used as the bottom layer.

          We managed to exclude aluminum from the structure. Instead of a composite, we have a material that is easier to recycle.

          Customer tests of the packaged product confirmed that the minimum durability of the product is the same for this structure. We continue with other kinds of nuts in the project.


          Chocolates - T-Severka

          T-SEVERKA spol. s r.o.

          Atypical triangle shape was chosen for the packaging in cooperation with the design agency. This shape alone significantly separates chocolates from other competing products.

          The packaging design was chosen with a maximum emphasis on ease of manufacture and assembly. It can do without gluing in production and folding takes just a few moves. At the same time it is securely closed by the information sticker, after the assembly, so that the customer is guaranteed the integrity of the package at the time of purchase. Given that it is a premium product, in addition to offset printing, gold embossing and blind embossing were also used.

          The packaging is now at the marketing stage. The first production batch was delivered on 24.5.2019 to Chocoterapia Brno.

          T-Severka, Lirea s.r.o.
          kolektiv Lirea s.r.o.

          Grafobal Bohemia s.r.o.