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MicroOffice PRIME

Smurfit Kappa

The following people participated on the creation of the exhibit along with the applicant

Jan Škalda, SilentLAB,
Jakub Hodan, Smurfit Kappa

"We have an exceptional demand for an exceptional product."

SilentLab approached us with the desire to develop a packaging solution for their "silent office" MicroOffice PRIME. The original packaging was just a box made of OSB boards and inside all components separately wrapped in stretch-foil. The new concept emphasizes easy handling, product protection and the elimination of plastic parts. It consists of a custom-made pallet, an outer box and individual packaging for all 39 components. The main benefits for the customer are the 3x faster packing time, significant annual saving of EUR 91,000 and 79% reduction in CO2 emissions.