Jury 2022

The jury evaluates packaging from the point of view of innovation, product protection, user requirements and environmental impact, as well as in terms of legislation and marketing.

Chair of the jury

Jana Žižková

packaging specialist

For Jana, the fascinating thing about packaging is that humanity can't do without it, even though it tries sometimes. Once she entered the world of packaging many years ago, she became engrossed in it and she doesn't want to or can't leave it... In other words: She believes in packaging; there is no world without packaging.


David Marouš

applied manager

David's area of expertise is transport packaging across the logistics chain, from Chicago to Tokyo. He enjoys devising ways to get completely unsuitable goods for transport, ultimately to their destination safely and securely.

Martina Ferencová

executive Director

Hana Hradecká

Hanka has been working with packaging, or packaging waste, its sorting and recycling for almost thirty years, for the last 24 years she has been part of the team of EKO-KOM Authorized Packaging Company. She loves packaging that works well and if it can be sorted and recycled well, her garbage heart rejoices.

Michael Šimek

manager GS1 Barcodes

Martin Dulava

Co-founder of the marketing agency Lineart. Together with a team of more than 50 people, he is dedicated to strategic branding and packaging design across Europe.

Filip Hubička


Filip is the editor-in-chief of Logistika magazine, so he mainly deals with the logistics side of packaging, transport packaging and the overall supply chain. He is mainly interested in ensuring that the packaging really protects the products during transport.

Eva Skopková


The most important thing for Eva is to maintain the quality of the product inside the packaging, i.e. the functionality of the packaging and its convenient opening. She likes to see creative ways of using the packaging.

Václav Mlynář


Václav is a director at Panflex and chairman of the Press Society. The most important thing about packaging for him is the harmony of functionality and design. Packaging is a daily challenge for him.

As a representative of the National Institute of Health on the jury, Jitka is interested in the main critical function of the packaging. That the packaging protects the product and thus the health of the population.

Stanislav Břeň


For Stanislav, the package is a detective story, and he still doesn't know how it will all turn out. He likes packaging because to him it is the dress of the product and the best thing about dresses is when they come off.

Jiří Hejduk

researcher, teacher with a focus on practical subjects

Jiří works at the University of Pardubice, Department of Polygraphy and Photophysics. He is a real expert in printing technologies.